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Aug. 6th, 2004

Hi! If you're considering adding me... I'm extremely flattered and I thank you (^_^) But here are a few friendly "guidelines" as to what I am looking for in a new friend...

001. Please add me only if you plan on actually reading my journal and talking to me as well. I try to comment now and then; I'd appreciate if you did the same for me. I don't want to feel like I'm talkin' to myself here.
002. OMG WTFLOL PLZ dont tok liek dis1!1!11eleven Honestly, please don't. It irritates the fuck out of me when people write this way, especially when those people use the letter "u" rather than writing out the word "you" & whatnot. Are you literate? Then flaunt it!
003. Please know how and when to use an lj-cut. Yes, I know and respect that it's your journal... it's just that I don't appreciate it when people wreck my friends page with their gigantic images and millions of memes & quizzes that take forever to load (I have dial-up, so this is especially hard on me).
004. I reserve the right to reject//remove anyone at any time -- for any reason. My hope would be that you don't take it too personally, but if you do... cry your effin' angries elsewhere; I don't take on all takers. But for current LJ friends: if I happened to remove you and you would still like to stay journal friends, by all means, let me know. I might just add you back.
005. I tend to write a lot. Content-wise, that is. Just so you know.

If you still feel that you can take me on... then maybe, just maybe, I'll be more than happy to add you back (^_~)


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